Common parameters

  • limit (integer, optional) number of records to return.
    • Default: 10
  • offset (integer, optional) Record number to start at.
    • Default: 0
  • fields (string, optional) Comma-separated string of fieds to return.
    • Example: SpecCode,Vulnerability

Above parameters common to all routes except:

In addition, these routes do not support limit or offset:

Additional parameters

Right now, any field that is returned from a route can also be queried on, except for the /taxa route, which only accepts species and genus in addition to the common parameters. All of the fields from each route are too long to list here - inspect data returned from a small data request, then change your query as desired.

Right now, parameters that are not found are silently dropped. For example, if you query with /species?foo=bar in a query, and foo is not a field in species route, then the foo=bar part is ignored. We may in the future error when parameters are not found.