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How to add Open Discussion Forum on my Website

I just want to add Open Discussion forum on my website which is related to <a href="https://xceedbillingsolutions.com/bcbs-prefixes-list/">bcbs prefix lookup 2022</a>, so that our support members and clients discuss their issues directly instead of using any other app such as skype and zoom. So please do let me know that how can it be possible?

How to integrate a payment method?

Hello, I have a website named <a href="https://allgoodfishing.com/">allgoodfishing</a> and I want to integrate a payment method so each time a customer check the status he should pay the money.

Fishbase API Down

Any requests to https://fishbase.ropensci.org/ are currently failing with a "502 Bad Gateway" Status Code.

Fishbase API in an OSS project

Hello, I'm currently integrating the Fishbase API in a very simple OSS project (github.com/trackMyFish), which will be used to keep a track of what fish a person has. Do you have any requirements/wishes for usage in this project? Accreditation somewhere on the site, for example?

Distribution & Distribution Range by Genus+Species

https://www.fishbase.se/summary/Gymnelus-hemifasciatus.html The above is an example of searching the fishbase database using the "Genus+Species" field. It leads to a summary page for that genus+species. On that page under the heading "distribution" is the zone (example: "Arctic"), under the "heading distribution range" is the lat and long range (example: "83°N - 43°N, 55°E - 78°W"). The values for "distribution" and "distribution range" for each genus+species are what I would like to access. Can you show how to do this? Thanks

API Content language

Is it possible to get the response in a specific language? I tries Content-language in the header and also the language param, both didn't work.

Get results by common english name

I want to pass "zebra danio" for example to an endpoint to get the fish details. Is that possible?

How to get Environment detail and Coloration using SpecCode

Hi, i need environment detail information/coloration detail information, i hit the api using SpecCode

Get ecology details by species (temperature, ph, etc.)

I'm trying to get information regarding a fish's natural envirornment parameters such as, temperature range, ph range, dGH or hardness, substrate etc. I have tried species by id, ecology filtered by SpecCode, and envirornment filtered by SpecCode. The ecology endpoint at least gives me some useful information about the species' diet, shoaling or schooling, etc but none of the parameters listed above. Any help would be great, thanks!

Thanks and status request

This is just what I needed and until today it worked brilliantly. So a big THANKS for doing this! The github description states 'The testing server may be available only intermittently and all endpoints are subject to change.' As I am working on a long-lived project I need to know the stability and longevity of fishbaseapi. I would think the scientific community would be keen to have this as a reliable resource.