Distribution & Distribution Range by Genus+Species

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https://www.fishbase.se/summary/Gymnelus-hemifasciatus.html The above is an example of searching the fishbase database using the "Genus+Species" field. It leads to a summary page for that genus+species. On that page under the heading "distribution" is the zone (example: "Arctic"), under the "heading distribution range" is the lat and long range (example: "83°N - 43°N, 55°E - 78°W"). The values for "distribution" and "distribution range" for each genus+species are what I would like to access. Can you show how to do this? Thanks
June 21, 2021

Hi, Sorry but I don't know where exactly that data is in the API. I've asked the Fishbase team and will report back.

June 23, 2021

You can use https://fishbase.ropensci.org/taxa/?Genus=Gymnelus&Species=hemifasciatus to get the SpecCode for this species

Then use https://fishbase.ropensci.org/stocks/?SpecCode=47878

To get the data.

StocksDefs has the Distribution text, while the values in the distribution range are from the fields:

Northernmost, NorthSouthN
Southermost, NorthSouthS
Westernmost, WestEastW
Easternmost, WestEastE

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