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This is just what I needed and until today it worked brilliantly. So a big THANKS for doing this! The github description states 'The testing server may be available only intermittently and all endpoints are subject to change.' As I am working on a long-lived project I need to know the stability and longevity of fishbaseapi. I would think the scientific community would be keen to have this as a reliable resource.
May 7, 2020

Thanks for your message. We are using servers provided by UC Berkeley - which are cheap - but don't have the best uptime. Down time can sometimes last a day or two unfortunately. Since we host many versions of Fishbase data, the database dumps backing the API add up to require a fair amount of disk space, making hosting at AWS/etc pricy. Uptime is mostly a matter of cost.

I just updated the README there. It was quite out of date. As far as I know, there won't be an "official" release of the API by Fishbase; this API as is now is the stable state.

Does your site perform requests to the fishbase API live on user interactions with the site?

May 7, 2020

I use it on the species entry page. When user types in a name it checks the fishbase api to ensure it exists. If not it alerts the user to check for typos. If the api returns multiple records, for instance when only typing in genus name for the taxa table then It lists all species of that taxa as buttons so the user can click the correct one. I want to tap into the ecology and fao/ecosystem databases as well to ensure reported sightings are within the know distribution and habitats of the species.
Over time, I will accumulate often needed information in my own database. I am using mongodb which plays very well with the json documents from your fishbase api.

May 8, 2020

Thanks for the info on your usage! Let us know if you have any other questions.

The API is back up now. Sorry about the downtime.

May 10, 2020

Actually, it has been up and down over the last few days. They are doing scheduled maintenance today, so more downtime today probably

May 12, 2020

Thanks and it is working. When I search the taxa table with Genus=genus&Species=species it works as expected. But not for SpecCode=code, and something like Then it is as if I just called
An entry in the taxa table with the FBname field does exist.

The documentation statement "In addition to the query parameters listed (limit, offset, fields) you should be able to query on any of the keys in the response body" made me think that this should be possible but maybe not or I am doing something wrong. It would be extremely helpful if all tables can at least by accessed by SpecCode as it is the common link between all of them. That works for several/many but in my hands not for the taxa or comnames tables

{"count":1,"returned":1,"data":[{"SpecCode":11837,"Genus":"Amphiprion","Species":"bicinctus","SpeciesRefNo":7247,"Author":"Rüppell, 1830","FBname":"Twoband anemonefish","FamCode":350,"GenCode":5120,"SubGenCode":null,"Remark":null,"SubFamily":"Amphiprioninae","Family":"Pomacentridae","Order":"Perciformes","Class":"Actinopterygii"}],"error":null}

Feb 2, 2022

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