“Try it out” returns error 500

Posted in General by Franck Michel Thu Apr 04 2019 09:39:17 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·4·Viewed 105 times

Hi, The “Try it out” tool does not work at the moment for at least the services species-by-id and synonyms: it returns an error 500. e.g. try species-by-id with id 4875. Yet, the services themselves seem to be working fine e.g. https://fishbase.ropensci.org/species/4875/. Regards, Franck.
Scott Chamberlain
Apr 4, 2019

thanks for the report. it should be working now, try it again

Franck Michel
Apr 4, 2019

Works great, thx!

Scott Chamberlain
Apr 5, 2019


Scott Chamberlain marked this as solved
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