Impossible to scroll down API routes

Posted in General by Franck Michel Wed Feb 20 2019 19:16:49 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·3·Viewed 118 times

Hi again, Just a usability issue on the Fishbase API documentation ( The list of API routes on the left side of the page s quite long and does not fit in a single page. The problem is that, either using Chrome or Firefox, I cannot scroll down this list. I have to scroll down the central part of the page through all the service descriptions to get to the one I'm looking for. No big deal, but not very practical though. Thx, Franck.
Scott Chamberlain
Feb 20, 2019

Thanks for your comment Franck. I've changed the layout, refresh the docs, and you shouldn' t have the problem anymore. Let me know if you do

Franck Michel
Feb 21, 2019

Works perfectly now!


Scott Chamberlain
Feb 21, 2019


Scott Chamberlain marked this as solved
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