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How to search by Species or Genus without full match

I would like to have a search functionality that supports the %like% sql. something like this: https://fishbase.ropensci.org/species?Species=ramir inestead of filling in the whole word: https://fishbase.ropensci.org/species?Species=ramirezi How to achive this currently? Thank you for your answer.

How do I filter results by country?

I am trying to use the 'species' method and filter them by country. There does not appear to be a way to filter the results, please advise. Thanks

Can you pull pictures from Fishbase with the API?

I see that some of the available calls return jpg images in the JSON format. Is there any way to use this to display the same picture?

How to get taxonomic rank and habitat by species id?

Dear Fishbase API people, The service "species by id" (https://fishbaseapi.readme.io/docs/species-by-id) does not return information about taxonomic rank and habitats. Conversely, service "taxa" does return this information, but for all species at once. How can I get this information for a given species id? Thanks in advance for your help and advice. Franck.

Impossible to scroll down API routes

Hi again, Just a usability issue on the Fishbase API documentation (https://fishbaseapi.readme.io/v1.0/docs). The list of API routes on the left side of the page s quite long and does not fit in a single page. The problem is that, either using Chrome or Firefox, I cannot scroll down this list. I have to scroll down the central part of the page through all the service descriptions to get to the one I'm looking for. No big deal, but not very practical though. Thx, Franck.

Thanks and status request

This is just what I needed and until today it worked brilliantly. So a big THANKS for doing this! The github description states 'The testing server may be available only intermittently and all endpoints are subject to change.' As I am working on a long-lived project I need to know the stability and longevity of fishbaseapi. I would think the scientific community would be keen to have this as a reliable resource.

“Try it out” returns error 500

Hi, The “Try it out” tool does not work at the moment for at least the services species-by-id and synonyms: it returns an error 500. e.g. try species-by-id with id 4875. Yet, the services themselves seem to be working fine e.g. https://fishbase.ropensci.org/species/4875/. Regards, Franck.

Fishbase API Down

Any requests to https://fishbase.ropensci.org/ are currently failing with a "502 Bad Gateway" Status Code.

Get results by common english name

I want to pass "zebra danio" for example to an endpoint to get the fish details. Is that possible?

How to get Environment detail and Coloration using SpecCode

Hi, i need environment detail information/coloration detail information, i hit the api using SpecCode